Our dynamic range of PCB products meets the highest standards of the industry with minimum line / space of 0.055mm (2.16 mils) and finished holes size of 0.1mm (0.0039"). We stive to find the custom solution to meet your project´s unique needs.

AET is concentrated on the development of High Technology and High Layer PCB up to 24 layers (48 layers for prototypes). With blind or burried vias, micro vias, impedance control, we can build complex with mixed materials and many types of surface finish (Hard Gold Plating, LFHASL Immersion Tin or silver, ENIG,ENEPIG) and selective gold plating.
Lead time
We standard lead time for rigid boards is 3 to 4 weeks. Quick turn on demand.
We can accept medium and small orders.
We can manufacture PCB on special material such as Isola, Rogers RO3007, RO4350B, Teflon, high Tg or high CTI laminates.
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