Rigid PCB


AET produces rigid printed circuit boards with minimum line / space of 0.050mm (2 mil) and finished hole size of 0.25mm (0.01"), up to 24 layers (48 layers for prototypes).

With blind or buried vias, micro vias and impedance control, we conduct complex build-ups with many types of surface finish (hard gold plating, LFHASL, immersion tin or silver, ENIG) and selective gold plating. We also produce metal base rigid PCBs with 1 or more layers on aluminium and copper.
High Frequency PCB
Material : Teflon
Finishing : OSP
Rigid PCB 4 layers
Finishing : ENIG + Gold Finger Au thickness 30um + Bevel

Lead time

Our standard lead time for rigid boards is 2 to 3 weeks. Quick turn around is available on request.


We accept small and medium orders.


We can manufacture rigid PCBs on special materials such as Isola, Rogers RO3007, RO4350B, Teflon, high Tg or high CTI laminates; and even mixed material.