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Advanced Electronic Technology

A dynamic range of products

We develop high technology and high layer printed circuit boards and offer competitive pricing at all project volumes. We conduct complex build-ups with many types of surface finish.

Our PCBs are found everywhere

We help global market leaders from all industries to turn their ideas into successfull products. We take pride in producing high-quality PCBs that bring innovation to life.

> Aerospace
> Engineering
> Robotics
> Lighting

> Medical
> Electronics
> Automotive
> Communications

Assembly services

In addition to providing a wide range of PCBs, AET can help you manufacture complete printed circuit board assemblies – surface mount and through-hole – tailored to the design and specifications of your project, using state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals.

Precise and high-tech time pieces
6-layer HDI PCB 0.45mm thick with +/- 25um hole position and size tolerance
Medical imaging
Advanced MRI technology
2-layer heavy copper flex PCB with +/- 20um total thickness tolerance
Complex aircraft and helicopters
High temperature flex PCB with 3M double sided sticker on the back

They trust us

Over the last 20 years, AET has steadily built a diverse and loyal customer base.

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